Young Art Administrator Profiles: Qing Zhong

December 9th, 2011

bonnie kate: Do you have a nick-name?
Qing Zhong: “Eos” It’s a greek name given by my mother.

bk: Where are you from?
QZ: Hong Kong

bk: Where are you living now?
QZ: New York, Manhattan, SOHO

bk: Where do you see yourself building your career in the Arts?
QZ: I really love fashion, so I would like to be a fashion marketer or luxury brand manager.

bk: What is your most memorable experience with a work of art? What made such a big impression on you?
QZ: I guess it was Sally Mann. She is a renowned photographer and her works are really feminine and delicate. I saw them at the Swann Gallery and they seized my heart at the first glance. She [took photos of] her children, but in some I see really melancholy and transient expressions.

bk: What attracted you to Steinhardt’s art admin program?
QZ: Haha really a lot.
First of all, it’s curriculum. I really love this curriculum arrangement because it gives me the freedom to combine art and fashion, no other programs would allow this degree of self guidance.
Secondly, I love the study abroad program that gives me international perspectives — I am enrolled in the London Project for the winter session.
Thirdly, I love the city. It never disappoints me and I learn a lot in a very short period of time.

bk: What other work would interest you if you did not have a career in the arts?
QZ: I had a business background, so probably in business. But if I had been interested in business, I would not have transferred to art.

bk: What is one thing you would like to see change in the Art World?

QZ: I think Art is important, in the general sense. Important to the everyday life of all. But the society does not recognize its importance, at least in China. I want to see a shift in this recognition.

bk: Who is an Artist or Art Professional that you love or look up to?
QZ:I guess it’s hard to know because I don’t really know any fashion marketer as of now. Maybe later when I could get real experience in the industry then I could say.

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