Young Art Administrator Profiles: Min Hee Lee

October 24th, 2011

Bonniekate: What city do your currently live in?

Min Hee Lee: I am staying in Manhattan near the Times Square!

BK: What city are you from?

MHL: I am from Seoul, Korea.

BK: You are at Steinhardt – what is the focus of your study?

MHL: I am studying Visual Arts Administration now. I am interested in the current of an international art market and the works of contemporary artists.

BK: What interests you about the art world, and how do you want to interact with art as the focus of your profession?

MHL: As I studied graphic design at the design school(SVA) in New York, I had a lot of chance to meet young artists who are currently working in NY, and I helped making posters or brochures for them. From now on, I want to study more about managing or promoting their exhibitions, so I am trying to understand the flow of contemporary art in America by reading various materials in class and seeing exhibitions.

BK: What city interests you for your future career/home?

MHL: New York City is a very attractive city as a center of art field. I would make a career in this city for my future.

MK: What is your least favorite piece of artwork?

MHL: I don’t want to judge the art pieces since every art piece is valuable based on artists’ thoughts. However, Paul McCarthy’s Basement Bunker made me feel depressed and stressful after seeing the art pieces.

BK: Who is your favorite living artist?

MHL: Yoshimoto Nara is one of my favorite artists. He is a Japanese artist who currently working in Tokyo.

BK: If you were going to have a career outside of the art world, what do you think you would like to do?

MHL: Maybe I would like to do writing or editing scripts for the film or broadcasting.

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