Valerie’s Long March 2/10

April 2nd, 2014


Han BingWalking the Cabbage in Tiananmen Square 2, 2006

This is the second installment (in as many weeks) of Zhang “Valerie” Fang’s series on Chinese contemporary art. Valerie is an art critic and historian, based in Beijing. She has lectured in New York and Switzerland on the topic of Chinese contemporary art, and shares the story of China’s Long March with us in this thread of articles – originally commissioned by, published with permission from the author on SftPwr.

“Artists like […] Han Bing […] risked violating national laws to stage performances in TAM, […]  directed at returning the site to the people for fun and freedom.”

Here (linked) is the second of Valerie’s ten, “China’s Long March: Ten essays on Chinese contemporary art,” with the English and Spanish translation side by side.

Please follow along, and look for the rest of Valerie’s writings on future Women Wednesdays!