Valerie’s Long March 1/10

March 26th, 2014


Zhang (Valerie) Fang presenting on the work of Wang Quingsong at NYCAMS in 2013

I first met Valerie at a studio visit in Cao Changdi village, Beijing. The tour of her husband’s studio was lead by curator and gallerist, James Elaine. Acting as Wang Quingsong’s translator and theoretical representative, she was articulate and expressive of his ideas as well as her own. I soon discovered how much her critical voice is truly valuable in the overall landscape of Chinese contemporary art.

In the following series of posts, Valerie shares with us a string of 10 articles that she has written on the contemporary artwork of China. Each was originally published in a Spanish magazine, and is published on our site with the author’s permission.

“I hope to present a holistic picture of the development of Chinese contemporary art from my own viewpoint, and I look forward to critical feedback from colleagues world-wide.” – Zhang Fang

Here (linked) is the first of the ten, “China’s Long March: Ten essays on Chinese contemporary art,” with the English and Spanish translation side by side.

Please follow along, and look for the rest of Valerie’s writings on future Women Wednesdays!

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