Pretty Power: an up-Hil’ battle

March 8th, 2013

Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 12.49.06 PM

So, for my day job I work at a reception desk at a high powered capital investment company.  I sit in the lobby across from a large screen television airing CNN all day long.  As I sit at my desk throughout the day, with the television on, my various co-workers pass through the lobby for this meeting or that trip to the kitchen. They glance at the headlines or the image on screen and then send an innocuous comment in my direction: “All these shootings have to stop,” “Looks cold out East,” “My kids won’t stop doing that Harlem Shake.” But the day Hillary Clinton had her hearing in front of the Senate for the Benghazi attacks, the comments I heard as people passed by, from men and women, were: “She’s getting old,” “She’s gained weight,” “She’s looks tired.”


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