Eve & Vday

February 15th, 2013

vdaychartYesterday was Valentines Day, in case you didn’t notice.

A day of commerce according to The Atlantic’s findings.

One boy on the New York Subway publicly exclaimed his revelation that it was a day where everyone would be having SEX, with much delight.

It’s also a day reinforced between people who are barely acquainted. My dental hygienist and a shop clerk both bid me a “Happy Valentines Day,” wishes also conveyed by my professor (to his class of about one hundred students).

Ideally it’s a day to consider who and how much we love, and too often we scramble to find only trite and over-used symbols of those affections.

One of the few things known about St. Valentine is that he actually died on February 14th (according to Wikipedia). That sheds a slightly different light on the day, as viewed in the past. There is one modern source seeking to shed new light on the day as it is viewed in the future: Eve Ensler. EXPAND POST

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