Young Art Administrator Profiles: Min Hee Lee

October 24th, 2011

Bonniekate: What city do your currently live in?

Min Hee Lee: I am staying in Manhattan near the Times Square!

BK: What city are you from?

MHL: I am from Seoul, Korea.

BK: You are at Steinhardt – what is the focus of your study?

MHL: I am studying Visual Arts Administration now. I am interested in the current of an international art market and the works of contemporary artists.

BK: What interests you about the art world, and how do you want to interact with art as the focus of your profession?

MHL: As I studied graphic design at the design school(SVA) in New York, I had a lot of chance to meet young artists who are currently working in NY, and I helped making posters or brochures for them. From now on, I want to study more about managing or promoting their exhibitions, so I am trying to understand the flow of contemporary art in America by reading various materials in class and seeing exhibitions. EXPAND POST

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